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“This collected insight offers up more encouragement and connection for readers as they travel the sometimes lonely road to genuine personal transformation. With the voice of a teacher, the experience of a life coach, and the heart of a friend, Grewall reaches out from the pages to give the gift of empowerment to those who desire change in their lives.”

– US Review of Books


My experiences and thoughts about health products, spiritual tools, or other products that I try are shared here for those who are looking for such information

Ladybug Potions

Ladybug Potions has a no nonsense line of nutritional supplements with all natural ingredients and some cosmetics.  I tried all three products and the results were as promised.  I noticed a difference in my energy level and a reduction in falling hair. Capsules make it easy to take in these ingredients without having to deal with the not so good taste as products good for us often are!!

Lakota Made

Lakota Made is an indigenous woman owned business that sells plant based health and grooming products.  These are all natural products and work really well.  So far I have tried the Elderberry Chaga tonic, (a big difference in my energy level) honey lavender soap and shampoo bar (a lot less hair falling) and the lavender charcoal facial bar. (feels good)  All are working wonderfully well. Looking forward to trying many of the other products.


My reviews and opinions on things, news, trends etc. that do not fit the other two categories are expressed here to share with visitors to my website.

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Tell me what you think! Your opinions and criticism are invaluable. They will present different angles to my beliefs that I may not have seen from my perspective and with my experiences. They will help me to do better.

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