Power of the spoken word

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February 9, 2021
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March 29, 2021

Power of the spoken word

Speak clearly

Speak freely

Speak confidently

Speak kindly

Speak well

Speak to heal

Speak of love

Speak with joy

Speak the truth

Speak without fear

Be aware of the power of your words.  Spoken word has the power to create, to manifest.  Choose your words with care.

The best recipe for manifesting that I have found is to:

Choose my words carefully

Choose words of power

Choose positive words

Speak kindly

Speak confidently

Speak from the heart

Add desire

Add emotion (positive)

Add action.

Stir the mixture

…and put this intention in the universe

…then let go, let God

…allow time and believe and KNOW that the universe is working to make it so for you.

Have clear intention

Speak clear words

Visualize as if you already have it and you are enjoying it

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