I am back!!

Colors of Life
July 10, 2017
Corona, the Virus and me
May 6, 2020

I am back!!

After a long time, I now get back to my page!  It has been an interesting break with life changing course many times.  This break has not been inactive.  There has been a lot of growth, spiritual, emotional and physical.  All this has now enabled me to venture back out and resume my blog.  I hope to share my insights and experiences once a month on this page.  This will be fine tuned and modified as I go along.  Many have journeyed with me on my personal Facebook page, and I hope they will join me on my Like The Lotus page also.  I am currently working on a book which is shaping up kind of nicely.  I will share a little more about that in my next post.

I look forward to communicating more regularly!  Thank you for visiting!

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