March 18, 2022

7 Powerful Insights to Motivate you to Lose Weight?

• Should I diet? • Should I exercise? • Should I do both or nothing? • Should I even attempt to lose weight or just accept that this is how my body is?
June 8, 2021

Asking and receiving

Learning how to ask and receive properly is very important. We constantly ask but don’t realize that we have not really prepared ourselves to receive. While […]
June 8, 2021

Choosing wisely…

Talents acquired or lessons learned are never lost. These become a permanent part of who you are. This is why it is important to choose wisely […]
March 29, 2021

Reminder Notes to Self

Sharing my notes to self as I periodically reflect on my choices and actions, reminding myself to do better and revisiting where I am, is one […]
March 18, 2021

Power of the spoken word

Speak clearly Speak freely Speak confidently Speak kindly Speak well Speak to heal Speak of love Speak with joy Speak the truth Speak without fear Be […]
February 9, 2021

Farmers Protest

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February 9, 2021

Take Charge of Your Life!

A glimpse into my book, How To Help Yourself to Be Who You Want to Be
November 25, 2020

How to Help Yourself to Be Who You Want to Be

Review…….. Enjoying a sense of accomplishment! I published my debut book on October 13, 2020
July 10, 2017

Colors of Life

Embrace life. Its true colors are what you make of it. It comes in pastels, neons, brights, darks, swirls, stripes, blends and blands. You cannot have […]