Who am I?

About me

Hello, I am Pam. I have been a teacher and a businesswoman, and worked for a corporation and a nonprofit. Now I am an author. The most effective and permanent growth occurs when people help themselves through honest self-assessment and self-reflection.

While taking ownership of one’s actions and choices is tough, it is very empowering. I share tools, tips and techniques. I work on myself continuously, fall often and lose patience frequently, but pick myself up always!! While I share my experiences, as examples, know that this is not the only way. Choose what works best for you, and make this journey your own. We are all perfectly imperfect and that’s okay. Acknowledging our weaknesses gives us the strength to strive for better!

Life is a journey, not a destination, so while we may rest a while, we must resume our journey. When we learn to accept and love ourselves as we are now, we create space for continued growth without fear or judgement – of ourselves and of others. This is what I do best!

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