A bowl of cherries…

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July 10, 2017
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July 10, 2017
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A bowl of cherries…

Erma Bombeck wrote a book titled ‘If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What am I doing in the Pits’. When I first came across it, I read it and enjoyed the tongue in cheek humor, sarcasm and philosophy. Today, it crossed my mind in a different light. I had not thought of it for years. Today however, in my mind it raised questions such as, did I eat the cherries and am still holding on to the pits instead of throwing those away? Or did I just find that bowl of pits and for some reason picked up someone else’s trash?

In life we sometimes enjoy our good fortune but keep holding on to the ‘pits’ because they remind us of the good times. We forget that it is a process and if we toss the trash, we will make room for more fun times. We somehow get stuck in a little hole fearing that nothing else could be as good as it has been.

On the other hand if we have been through a little rough patch, we feel that the others have all the best while we are left holding their ‘pits’ to remind us of what they had and what we missed.

If we but trust the Universe and be positive, we will enjoy the cherries, not hold on to the ‘pits’ but dispose of the trash, clean the bowl and be ready for the peaches, mangoes, plums, berries or whatever other kind of fruit that may be coming our way for our enjoyment. As the saying goes…….when one door closes, ten windows open. Allow yourself to stop staring at the closed door wondering what happened and why, and move on to enjoy the view from the windows that have opened and determine which one will be changed to a door!!

Love and blessings.

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